A moment with… Ameera Mimi

MiMi is a Zimbabwean lifestyle blogger who formed the  trendy lifestyle blog, Kicking It With Mimi in 2011 while conducting Media Studies and International Relations at The University of Cape Town.

The stylish lifestyle blog covers  fashion, beauty, travel and general lifestyle content in Zimbabwe and Africa. Kicking it With Mimi over the past 5 years has established itself as a top lifestyle blog in Zimbabwe with a growing African audience across the continent. Discussing fashion, travel, entertainment and African trends. MiMi has received Zimbabwe Fashion Week Blogger of the Year 2014 and 2015, voted for and nominated by the public. From Cape Town to Harare to Dar es Salaam, there is something for everyone on KIWM.

When she is not blogging, MiMi also works in the digital marketing industry and as a producer for the Teapot Zimbabwe.

Here is our quick chat with her.

What is your government name?
Ameera Shelima Murad Ameer , yes I KNOW it is a mouthful and no my surname and first name are not the same lol. My surname is just missing the a of my first name then they would be the same. My parents thought they were being smart with my name! I am sure they still do..

What do you like to call yourself?
Well it just depends , Ameera is my very formal name and growing up it was the name my family used for serious matters…lol MiMi is my very casual name and most people call me that. Id say it just depends on my mood, I use both!

What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?
I also used to be called yooyoo  as a child because it was a phrase id say before sleeping… all very strange . God bless my grandmother she tolerated me saying those words .

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
The right side…wonder what that means??

Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Right handed but low key wish I was left handed. Apparently left handed people are more likely to be creative geniuses .

What is your favourite instrument?
Something about the mbira… its enchanting  (I had a phase where I kept buying people and myself mbiras then people started buying me them…by the way I cannot play the mbira at all lol ). But i also dig myself a drummer.

What is the first song you fell in love with?
It had be spice girls and maybe a mixture of the macarena ( heeeey macarena cues in dance).  This is the first and last time we shall discuss this. It was the 90s and I was under 10! The crop tops, the shorts and the crazy hair loved it!

Best play/concert you have ever been to?
HIFA opening show 2010, wow wow! It was such statement piece and profound. A fusion of music , dance and spoken word. The grand fireworks , the social commentary all in the city centre was magical. It was the first time I saw Chiwoniso perform, she was magical and unfortunately the last time I ever watched her live.

Of the shows you have done, which one is your favourite?
Mauritius with DStv for the content showcase! How do you even top that ,? Larry you were there ..” 2 bloggers on an island!” 🙂 Multichoice please send us to another island.


How do you deal with groupies?
Take selfies and talk about me of course!

How excited were you when the first groupie hollered at you?

Haha still amazes me people know me. It actually motivated me to do more content and be me. There is nothing more rewarding than people just liking you for you. I was excited and still enjoy it.

Where is Zimbabwean media going?
Interesting question , I think media is growing and we have more bloggers and independents.  Which is awesome , I LOVE  that we can have our “own ” voice now. While we have our limitations primarily economic issues , we are still being entrepreneurs and pushing for more. Entertainment-wise, our music industry is something I am extremely impressed with especially over the past year . Seeing our music on regional television and more people consuming local is fantastic.  

Where is your career going?
Expanding and for me, I now have my eyes on Africa as well as Zimbabwe. The inter-connectivity across the continent and the desire for African content by Africans fuels my passion to continue lifestyle blogging and showing the best this continent has to offer. I am in talks with some awesome brands to keep the content fresh and cant wait to share more.

What do you want to be remembered for?
Being me, promoting and developing African lifestyle and trends. Being an industry leader!



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