A few thoughts, some pics from Toya Delazy’s hot and cold Harare night

On Friday Toya Delazy rocked up to headline her performance in Harare after a whirlwind week in which organisers were pushed from post to pillar to put it together.

Toya Delazy in Harare

Toya Delazy in Harare

Harare International Conference Centre (with its $3 soft drinks) was the venue after the whole mess between the Borrowdale Racecourse and residents in that area.

We arrived while young sensation Tamy was performing, again impressive. Macy&TheRed then followed with her usual elegance.

Tamy at the Toya Delazy show in Harare

Tamy at the Toya Delazy show in Harare

Toya’s chosen one Sharky won a few fans over in his three song set before Ammara Brown tore it down with an energetic top drawer performance.

Ammara Brown at the Toya Delazy show in Harare

Ammara Brown at the Toya Delazy show in Harare

Then it was Toya time.

Her voice was all over the place and she seemed to realise it quickly. With such a grueling schedule making up the Rocking The City tour it was always going to happen.

The sparse crowd quickly got smaller as some lost patience with her.

It was when she accepted her voice was not going to get better that she started having more fun, with the group of fans bunched at the front of the stage, responding to her hits and two brand new songs that she dropped.

That is what impressed us about her. She left her soul on that stage, performing a genre (rock) oft-ignored in Zimbabwe. Perhaps if the venue had remained the Racecourse more of her fans (who generally will not cross Samora Machel Ave) would have shown that there is a significant following for the genre.

Her high energy performance a mixture of the first world lessons she is picking up and her heritage rocked proper. Hearing that sound from a three-piece semi-live band was a rich experience.

It will not be her best show –  we enjoyed her more at HIFA –  but it had soul, passion and a whole lot more.

A low point was when a laptop belonging to one of the members of her band went missing.


We’ll drop some more images a bit later as soon as we have a reliable internet link. So dodgy the past few weeks,