A few things we learnt about swag from this five year-old fashion blogger

@EngjiAndy is rocking our Instagram right now and we are just one over 301,000  and counting followers of the five year-old from Kosovo, living in Sweden.

The account is managed by his mom and we have a few things about swag we learnt from the boy.

Don’t be afraid to be the boss: He owns his look, kicks it swag and is aware of his power side. So when you walk into a room know what works, naturally, what controls. It takes practice

Own your interests and love them: Whether it is brands, music whatever, your interests and what you wear should co-ordinate. Rock it.

Family is important: Take time to build yourself with family. And complement them. Without them you don’t exist and they pretty much have to be awesome with your swag. And family is not just blood. It is the platonic relationships too.

Show your squad: Ask most people. Nothing is awesome is being seen with your slick squad. It just makes sense. You can’t be the only swagged up one in your team. You win if the whole team wins.

Follow https://www.instagram.com/engjiandy to keep up with what he is up to.

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