36 YEARS LATER: Three moments in the Bob Marley story that will inspire you

It is now 36 years since the most celebrated reggae artist Robert Nesta Marley passed on.

Happy bday Robert Nesta Marley. Everyting is Irie.

This year we chose three moments in the life of the great to celebrate his life.

  1. The story behind Duppy Conqueror –  In the Marley doccie we learnt that the Wailers under Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One could not perform or record much until they conquered their fear. They went and practised at gravesites at night to conquer their fear. After all duppy means one that can get away from the coffin and form into different shapes. in short, a ghost. So if you can conquer that fear, then you can conquer anything
  2. The story behind Small Axe –  After leaving Dodd’s label where they treated ever so poorly. In Marley Bunny Wailer talks about how they could not get food to survive. Yes Bob Marley starved at some point. At the time Studio One was one of the “Big Three” dominant labels in Jamaican Music, along with Treasure Isle and Federal. The Wailers and Scratch (aka The Upsetter) were the “small acts” (or axe) stepping up to chop down the “big tree” (or Big Three).Legend has it that Scratch came up with the concept for the song while sitting on the toilet. Whether or not that story is true, there’s no doubt that The Wailers and Scratch were shitting on the competition with this one.
  3. The story behind Corner Stone –  Bob Marley was the child of Captain Noval Marley but was rejected by the whole Marley family in Jamaica. In Marley  his relatives say while they rejected him, he became the most famous. Like the Psalm 118 says, “The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief corner stone“. Life.

It is 36 years later and his music, legacy live forever.

PIC: Nino.Modugno via Foter.com / CC BY-NC