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H Metro Site Hacked!

*+-The H-Metro site has been hacked. The hacker has even gone so far as to leave his details on the site, his twitter name that is. The hacker calls himself robin_lg and he even asks people to contact him via his twitter account. A simple googling of his name shows that he has some level […]

Mufakose Man Changes Mother’s Diapers

*+-A Mufakose man is reported to be nursing his paralysed mother, 58 year old Elizabeth Mudimba, after four of her daughters abandoned her despite her state of helplessness. H-Metro reports that Stephen Chamukoma spoon feeds,showers and even changes his mother’s pampers when she soils herself.  His mother has been sick since 2006 after she got […]

Stunner Sex Tape: What Is The Real Story?

*+-Harare woke up today to a story about Zimbabwean urban groover, Stunner’s sex tape that was leaked last week. There has been a lot of sympathy from a cross-section of fans many questioning whether this is a story of public interest or not. I think what it plays into, is the right to privacy that […]

H-Metro: A Good Example Of Bad Journalism

*+-Some time beginning of this year we wrote an article airing our disgust at how H-Metro was crossing the decency line in their journalism. We complained about how the paper often publishes disturbing images and use of explicit language on their website. Months later this bad behaviour seems to continue unabated. We are proponents of […]

How to Maintain a Small House

*+-So we wrote a piece the other week about how to be the perfect small house(mistress). A few of the women who are inclined to that lifestyle had a thing to say about the whole thing. Lovely stuff. Then we thought, from what I got from a few,it seemed as if most men did not […]

H-Metro has gone too far. Where is the Censorship Board?

*+-The infamous H-Metro has gone a bit too far in its bid to shock the Harare public. A few months ago it had a picture of a hanged person and a close-up picture at that. I mean for any normal being, a dead person is disturbing. Now they have  done the same thing again. Another […]

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