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Liz Opens Up On Troubled Tsvangirai Marriage

*+-Elizabeth Macheka opened up about her troubled to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai. She was quoted in The Herald as saying that marriage had broken down due to ‘sensitive personal issues’ which she would no go into. Tsvangirai and Liz have been married for about 16 months and have been separately for about a month. The separation was […]

Tsvangirai Gets Rid Of Locardia For $280,000!

*+-Reports indicate that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has finally gotten rid of his wife Locardia Karimatsenga. It didn’t come cheap. He is going to make a lump-sum payment of $280,000($300,000 according to some reports). Locardia’s lawyers confirmed a deal had been reached but refused to give details. The maintenance case in the Magistrate’s Court has now been […]

Locardia, Tsvangirai Closer To Finalising Deal

*+-Lawyers for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his estranged wife Locardia Karimatsenga say a deal is almost done, which will ensure that the matter is put to rest soon. Everson Samukange, representing Karimatsenga told the magistrate’s court that the two sides needed a bit more time to thrash out a deal with the expectation that […]

Liz Flexes Muscles And Pushes Tsvangirai To Ditch Four Top Aides

*+-The Prime Minister’s wife Elizabeth Macheka has moved quickly to stamp her authority by having four of her husband Morgan Tsvangirai’s top aides fired. For the longest period analysts have questioned the type of advisors the good PM has and it seems as if Liz has been on the same page. This is a result […]

Tsvangirai, Locardia Settle Out Of Court

*+-Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his erm… well… what do we call her, other wife, have settled out of court. Tsvangirai moved to avoid a messy divorce court trial by settling with Locardia Karimatsenga who wanted $15,000 a month in maintenance. According to New Zimbabwe Advocate Thabani Mpofu head of Tsvangirai’s legal team: We have been […]

Tsvangirai Apologises To Women He ‘Hurt’

*+-Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai took the opportunity to apologise to the women he may have hurt in his whirlwind chase for a wife. He did this at the 13th anniversary celebrations of his MDC-T party saying that it was simply a genuine chase for a wife. Tsvangirai says the terrains of searching for a wife […]

Tsvangirai Weds Despite Marriage License Cancellation

*+-Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had a customary union wedding with his bride Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday, circumventing a ban on a civil union. Tsvangirai exchanged vows with Macheka in front of guests at Raintree Lodge and the two exchanged rings but no  marriage certificate was signed. What this was, is not clear since a […]

Tsvangirai Wedding License Cancelled

*+-A Harare magistrate court has cancelled Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s marriage license. This essentially means that Morgan Tsvangirai can longer get married to his fiance Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday. This came after two women Locardia Karimatsenga and a South African Nosipho Shilumane lodged appeals to stop the wedding. Karimatsenga said that she was married customarily […]

Details Of South African Woman’s Case Against Tsvangirai

*+-State broadcaster ZBC has published details of Nosipho Regina Shilubane urgent application to stop Morgan Tsvangirai’s weding. They are as follows: Shilubane filed the urgent application objecting to the pending wedding ceremony between Tsvangirai and Macheka in terms of Section 19 of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11, through her lawyer Wellington Pasipanodya. Pasipanodya filed the papers […]

South African Woman Files Papers To Stop Tsvangirai Wedding – Reports

*+-A South African woman has filed papers with the Magistrates Court in Harare in a bid to stop Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wedding, according to various sources. Nosipho Regina Shilubane says she met Tsvangirai in Singapore and they proceeded to have an affair. At some point the good Prime Minister promised to marry her. She […]

Tsvangirai Wedding To Go Ahead… For Now

*+-The Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wedding to Elizabeth Macheka will go ahead after a High Court decision was made in his favour. Locardia Karimatsenga had made an urgent appeal to the High Court to have the wedding stopped as she claimed it would prejudice her. Indications are that she has been told to file an […]

Is It Time To Amend The Marriage Act?

*+-The events of the last couple of days have badly exposed the law on marriage in Zimbabwe. If you are unaware, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is being sued by an ex, Locardia Karimatsenga who he married under customary law. He dumped her 12 days later and has now obtained a marriage license to marry other […]

Tsvangirai Wedding: Judgement Reserved For Wednesday

*+-We have just received news that the decision on whether Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai can get married this weekend will be taken on Wednesday. His ex, Locardia Karimatsenga is challenging his wedding to Elizabeth Macheka which is set for Saturday. A detail also emerged that Tsvangirai and Macheka went through the legalities and were issued […]

D-Day For Tsvangirai Wedding As Cited Marriage Officer Distances Himself

*+-Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wedding plans will depend on a High Court decision today with matter set to be heard after Locardia Karimatsenga presented a 11th hour bid to stop it. The case is set for 2.30pm local time in Justice Antonia Guvava’s chambers. Tsvangirai paid lobola for Locardia Karimatsenga and then dumped her via a […]

Locardia Calls Tsvangirai ‘Mentally Unstable’

*+-In a shocking affidavit Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s jilted lover Locardia Karimatsenga has called him ‘mentally unstable. Karimatsenga is pushing for the courts to stop his wedding to Elizabeth Macheka on 15 September from going a head. She says: My husband, I believe is still angry with me for the miscarriage. My husband I believe […]

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