Zimbabwe’s Underground Porn Merchants

There have been a few incidents where some Zimbabwean porn has made its way out there. Who can forget the notoriety of Rasta wekuMufakose and the recent Harare Polytechnic student fiasco?

Now on the streets of Harare you will find people selling Dvd’s some of them courtesy of the pirate of note Jack Sparrow. Yes there is a dude who has termed himself Jack Sparrow and he is keeping a lot of people in Harare entertainment with his cheap and yet surprisingly good quality pirated movies.

Fair play. But then those very same blokes if you strike up a conversation with them and they think you are the sort who is into that will offer you amwe ayaya (that other stuff). Yes the alternative entertainment. If you want to have a look after a few glances around which kinda make you feel like you are taking part in a cocaine deal (Porn is illegal in Zimbabwe) he pulls out a few.

You go through the titles and there is all sorts of material there. But then you find something else. There are a few other titles that they are say are Zimbabwean. And he tells you that this one is fresh and was recorded ‘a month ago’.  A play at a sale of course but it makes you wonder, how much porn is being recorded in Harare.

I remember a few years ago, there was a Nigerian bloke who was suspected of this but we always thought it was pub-talk but when you come across something like that you wonder how big the underground porn industry might be in Zimbabwe. The packaging suggests little more than the odd one here and there.

Something is brewing and some have joined the multi-billion dollar industry. For all I know, some of them are our readers…

  • Slick

    Slaughter house…

  • Hi,
    I looks as the porn industry will never die.

  • ndoda kuziva

    Anyone know where one can find the vid of the harare polytech scandal?

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