VIDEO: Grass Eating Congregation

So there is a video of the controversial congregants eating grass has been aired by, eNCA.

Rabboini Ministries member eats grass. -  IMAGE Screen Grab from eNCA video

Rabboini Ministries member eats grass. – IMAGE Screen Grab from eNCA video

It shows congregants from the Rabboni Ministries led by Lesego Daniel having a go at the grass, one of them, a yellow bone who would turn a lot of heads.

Daniel is also seen kicking a woman on the floor. Don’t know what that is about.

He says those who think he has demons, he says they should come and challenge him to his face.

Mind you, he refused to be interviewed.

And as for the congregants, they say the grass is nice and tastes like macaroni.

Watch the video below.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to view pictures we published before of the grass eating.

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  • sharynkay

    I look forward to Judgement Day…well my judgement aside

    • Three Men On A Boat

      lol why

      • sharynkay

        It’ll be interesting to hear what God has to say about the over-zealous (in my opinion) religious people. Maybe they are on point and this is what God wants from us…or maybe they are making God very angry with their unreasonable doings in the name of God. We shall wait and see

        • Three Men On A Boat

          Would be creepy if that is what he wants

  • Doc

    Gives a new meaning to the phrase “greener pastures” kwaaaaaaa!!!

    • Three Men On A Boat

      Oh gosh you went there

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