Pokello: I Will Not Have Sex In The House

Zimbabwean Big Brother The Chase contestant Pokello Nare says she will not be having sex on the show.

The 27 year-old beauty said so in the interview for the show saying that she only rolls that way in a comfortable environment.  What defines that we are not sure because we know a few people who can be comfortable kuseri kwechirugu. (behind a chicken run)

That will come as a disappointment for some who would have been hoping that their perversions would be satisfied by such an act especially after THAT incident.

For us it would be an interesting opportunity to see the other side of Pokello which rarely makes it onto the public space.

91 days, if she makes it there, is a long time though…

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  • Mos Native

    “she only rolls that way in a comfortable environment” – THAT little room with the cheap curtains did not look comfortable.

    • http://www.3-mob.com Three Men On A Boat

      Well kuseri kwechirugu can be comfortable ka

    • Muenzi

      Smells like haterade!

  • Ndati

    She did it she never had sex in the house, keep her words.

    • http://www.3-mob.com Three Men On A Boat

      Yeah she kept her word

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